Healing a Violent World

«This human rights award should be given to the teenagers, not to famous people, because you are the future of this world. We need to inspire human rights and peace and justice in young people because otherwise we're not gonna have a world: you young people have responsability to help us old people create a better world»

Richard Mollica

  • Participants are requested to register by January 31, and to develop a product by May of the same year.
  • The product can assume whatever form will come out from the creativity of participants to convey their experience or message.
  • The selected works will be publicly presented in November of the following year in front of a Jury composed by Richard Mollica and members of the Global Mental Health Faculty. Also the families will be present.
  • Prizes consist of a journey to Boston, with a five days program of activities in the framework of Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma. 
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