Award ceremony of the first edition of Orvieto Youth Human Rights Award: Healing the invisible wounds (OYHRA)November 15, 2014

Mr. Mollica greeted the youth in the room with the words: "You are the hope of a future for a world which is in a big mess!". He then asked to honour our ancestors, starting from the Etruscans, because if Italy continues to be one of the most important countries for Humanism, this is true thanks to the 2600 years of history in our background.
Mr. Mollica

The event followed on with the competitors presenting their works,  all involving and inspiring. The jury spoke then, with the professors: Solvig Ekblad, from Karolinska Institutet in Stockolm, Rev. Jerry Streets from Yale, Nasir Warfa from the Queen Mary University of London, Nisha Sajnani from Lesley University at Cambridge, MU, Taiwo from the University of Senegal. The jury followed precise criterions, like originality, creativity, personal commitment, artistical relevance, effective communication, extension and correctness of the information transmitted.

First prize has been assigned to the work of Francesca Benucci, Elsa Maria Festa and Chiara Elisa Nannarelli from Liceo Gualterio in Orvieto: “Human Rights” tells about a journey of discovery and personal reflection on Human Rights, which somehow has also involved the town of Orvieto. Second prize has been won by  Alessia Cesaro from Liceo Tacito in Terni, with “Chronicle of an announced genocide”, a work of reinterpretation and narration, effective as well as original, about the 1984 genocide in Rwanda. Both the prizes consist of a trip to Boston to meet the activities of HPRT and the other Universities present in town. The jury then assigned a mention of honour to Federico Perquoti from Liceo Gualterio in Orvieto and to class 3S2 from Liceo Majorana in Orvieto.

The awarded works

1st prize - Francesca Benucci, Elsa Maria Festa, Chiara Elisa Nannarelli

2nd prize - Alessia Cesaro

mention of honour - Federico Perquoti

mention of honour -
Class 3S2


Francesca, Elsa, Chiara and Alessia have gone on a trip to Boston in the week 5 to 12 September 2015.
Here is the Brochure that was accompanying the team in their visits at the Italian Consulate, HPRT a
nd Harvard with Prof. Mollica, Massachussett's general Hospital and Harvard Medical School with Prof. Carlson, Lesley University with Prof. Sajnani, Wellesley College with Prof. Agosin, Museum of Fine Art. You can see the highlights at 

Here is a film summerizing the activities during the week in Boston

One week in Boston